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Information promises to its membership holders and clients the unique way of providing our travel, education and lifestyle assistance services which must be understood in the scope of experiencing the reality of destination, its traditions, habits and the interaction with local people and include the following:

Public transport wherever possible, which can be a real luxury or a typical local bus full of chickens, goats or pigs. Accommodation will be low-end, but proven, well tested and dependable. Categorization of services and accommodation will be mentioned in each program and can vary greatly depending on the destination.

The majority of costs will be paid directly by travelers, on-site, at prices negotiated for our group. The advantage is that we as a team are a lot more flexible and transparent, we can control our spendings throughout the trip and if you do not want to take a local excursion or if you fall ill, you just do not pay and that is it.

Before we go, you pay for your airline tickets, all your visa requirements (TopSpotLife can offer you  assistance ) and transport to the airport and back -all by yourself. Transportation to and from the airport  can be organized by TopSpotLife, if that is agreed upfront. TopSpotLife assumes no responsibility for those being late for departure.

Before departure, you pay the costs of  TopSpotLife organizational, management and escort fees for the trip, which can vary from 300$-500$ USD per person depending on the destination. When reservation is confirmed - the minimum number of advance deposits paid (usually 9 travelers, depending on the program), the trip is confirmed and you pay the rest at least one week before departure (online) or on the departure day (in cash). After trip confirmation, advance deposit is non-refundable. Advance deposit is valid for one year for the trip, which was reserved (even if you do not go on a trip). In the case of trip cancellation by TopSpotLife the deposit is returned within 8 days.

In case there is less than the minimum number of travelers, the amount of TopSpotLife organizational, management  and escort fees will raise (up to 200$ USD per person if all travelers agree). Another alternative is trip cancellation by TopSpotLife and in that case the advance deposit is refunded.

Passengers can purchase travel insurance by themselves (TopSpotLife does not offer it but it can assist in obtaining it). Passenger's right to file a claim for trip cancellation depends on general terms and conditions of the insurance company and it has nothing to do with TopSpotLife.

We highly recommend the purchase of Health Insurance with assistance abroad (in fact it is not very smart to go on a journey without it).

For smooth operation and management of all formalities at the time of application please check your travel details well and write down the exact name and surname, as written in the passport which you will be using for travel. When you get all the TopSpotLife  travel documents to your e-mail, please double-check all the information and inform us if there are any mistakes. For us to be able to issue an invoice, please be advised that before a journey we also need the following information: your permanent address, date of birth, passport number of and  cell phone number. In addition, inform us  if you want to purchase  group health insurance with assistance abroad (more than 2 people traveling together).

The passport must have two blank pages, one beside the other, for each country you will visit. It must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of exit from the last country visited on the trip.

You can find all our departure dates and details about the number of places available for each trip on the program description calendar. If there is a note that says gathering or almost confirmed, the group and the departure has not yet been confirmed.

The programs listed on TopSpotLife website are organizationally assisted and authored by  which is a brand name of TopSpotLife LLC based in Miami Beach, FL 33140, USA.

General Terms and Conditions apply to all of our programs and services, additionally to the ones defined on this page and in our program descriptions.