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TopSpotlife trips are organized with an emphasis on learning about places, people and their way of life, especially cultural and historical heritage in the visited countries.

TopSpotlife does not offer a huge variety and number of destinations. Instead, our travel segment offers only a limited number of products (not more than 8 per year) and spaces (not more than 19 per tour).

Our philosophy relies not on quantity but rather the quality of the overall holistic experience, diversity of options and expense control for a member/client while on a tour.

All our destinations and tours are well prepared in advance and therefore they offer flexibility and freedom of choice. Commercial details of the tour are negotiated and agreed with local communities in accordance with the principles as follows: fair trade, sustainability, long-term development, cultural preservation of local customs and habits and equal distribution of costs and profits between partners.

TopSpotlife tours offer a unique experience from personal, cultural and social point of view and provide a member/client with new dimensions and broader horizons. They include in-depth, knowledge-based analysis of the destination, personal enrichment potentials and genuine interaction with local communities.

With TopSpotlife you spend less, learn more and return richer!