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About Trips

Main features of the TopSpotLife trips are:

  • A genuine and informal personal approach (before your trip, during the trip and after the trip).
  • Programs are authored, which means that they are not copied (as many others) and we do not use any local agents (except when it is formally required) we just cooperate with local people/partners.
  • Programs feature diversity, adventure and exciting way of discovering the world.
  • You may may wish to trim or extend your trip, which means that you can join the group later or leave earlier if there is insufficient time for the whole route.
  • Groups are limited from 9 to 19 travelers (if not otherwise noted). is well noted by its distinguished knowledge of the terrain and the people at the destination as well as for its willingness and readiness for adventure – of course, emphasis is primarily placed on experience.
  • All costs are paid promptly on the spot at prices that are negotiated and known in advance and will suit our group needs and resources, which means that everyone has access and knowledge of actual cost of living and prices at the destination (cost and expenditure approximate/estimate for each destination is mentioned in every program description).
  • Because everything is paid promptly on the spot, we are flexible on tours, lodging, meals, wishes, requirements, plans.


Why should you discover the world with

  • Because we are so close on our way to the stars that they we can carry them in our lap.
  • Because there are still deserted beaches and tropical rainforests.
  • Because we can offer exactly seven islands with a palm tree and a pig.
  • Because we can offer you just party, laugh and tears but not always in that order.
  • Because we know that we are not alone but we try our best to live for our unique travels.
  • Because the universe is one big waste of space and we know how to fill holes.
  • Because our stories are beautiful and are always open for new chapters.


And as our friends say:

  • Because we offer organized chaos.
  • Because we can offer an experience of a lifetime.
  • Because we are unpredictably crazy and crazy unpredictable.


Who is advised not to travel or experience

  • People who have difficulty adjusting to the group.
  • People who have a tendency to constantly complain.
  • Couples who are in permanent fighting mood.
  • People who think that they will solve their personal problems while traveling.
  • People who are reluctant to step off the bus, and look at the matters closely.
  • People who constantly nag, annoy and frustrate other passengers and TopSpotLife crew.
  • Those who expect washed out tourist attractions, good hotels and traditional management.


And one more thing:

If you believe that your mum cooks the best food, then we can tell you that guinea pig and fried grasshoppers are certainly not better than your mum's cuisine. But they are delicacy. Just like us at TopSpotLife. We feel happy  going after all these delicacies, to try them out, survive them and experience them. And after all our adventures end we will still be happy to respond to your invitation, and visit your mum and try her best home cooked meal. We believe that previous statement can explain our life philosophy, therefore join and Travel,Think and Transform.