- Peter and Priscilla

We just wanted to thank you for arranging our last minute trip to Mexico. Everything was outstanding.  Aleks, what a nice contact. He did a wonderful job setting up the adventure trip. We cannot say enough about how fantastic our trip guides, Pilar and Elio were. We loved the trip with TopSpotLife and will go back soon!

- Nigel

Earlier today, while smoking a fragrant Cohiba, sipping a strong Espresso and reminiscing on a truly memorable trip with TopSpotLife, I felt compelled to write and thank you for you kind assistance with our trip to Cuba. As our first visit there we were all amazed at the slick, courteous and knowledgeable service we were given taking into account the adventure travel character of the tour. Cuba really is a fascinating island and I believe we saw a rare side of it that only enhanced the experience.  The choice of restaurants, bars, excursions and lectures were perfectly suited to our needs and I repeat that the people on hand to escort us were a match for any VIP tour I have ever experienced. Thank you!

- Ermanno

To be brief ... If you haven't traveled to Cuba yet, you have do it. What an exhilarating place!  And if you do go or want to return, as I have time and again, you must do it through TopSpotLife. They have provided the very best in arrangements - travel, accommodations, music, culture and cuisine - from Santiago de Cuba in the southeast, to Vinales in the northwest and from Cienfuegos on the south coast to the white sand beaches and Havana in the north.  In short, they've got the experience; they've got the place covered, they rule it!

- Yoshimi

I find Central America irresistible because of its passionate and colourful cultural heritage. As an architect I would always steer clear of the world's mainstream tourism, however TopSpotLife team with their local specialist know-how showed me a different perspective: that the region has many great off-road attractions and indeed a great culinary tradition. Without fail the team at TopSpotLife have made every experience unique, rich and memorable and we will continue to travel with you and rely on your wealth of knowledge and experience.

- Marie and Pierre

What a great trip we had thanks to you, Aleks and Elio. Your program was perfect for the time that we spent in Cuba. What a place! Pierre and I loved it. Thank you for making our trip so memorable.

- Joao

When I got home from Cuba, I found myself dreaming of and anticipating a trip back. Our group embarked on so many experiences that left the greatest of impressions on my mind. Meandering, far and wide, the streets of Havana, I have been enlightened of the importance of creating, nourishing, and expanding international bonds and cooperation. TopSpotLife helped me gain the knowledge and understanding of what it takes to bring our communities together.  I still cannot wait to go back!

- Oksana and Nikolai

Unforgetable! - that i think describes it the best what we take with us from Cuba! Cuba compared with other countries we have seen has of course has a special charm and the clocks running in a different way. Aleks our tour leader has taken out the very best of Cuba for us and made our trip so impressive. He has so much background knowledge and he knows very well how Cuba rules and so he had a solution for every situation. Thanks Aleks for your great engagement and for all that little and big things you did over the average. You did a super job!

- Ingrid

I hope I can sum it up when the night after we left, the 6 of us were sat in a typically americanised, characterless, sterile “grand” hotel in Cancun and each one of us wanted to turn round and fly back to Havana! Our compliments and sincere thanks to all in TopSpotLife who put in such an effort to make our visit most memorable ever!

- Eduarda

When I stepped off the plane in Havana and walked to the customs check point, I knew that I was facing an occasion that, if not of historic significance, was of real personal significance.  I was saying no to the blockade that kept Cubans and Americans from knowing one another.  A dust colored metal door opened and I walked into the crowded waiting hall of Havana’s Jose Marti airport. It was the beginning of a journey with TopSpotLife that was extraordinary and complicated and will stay with me forever.

- Peter, Sara and Michelle

We’re back as of yesterday – refreshed, awakened and entirely thankful for your effort. Cuba is like none other, and our trip was accordingly thoughtful and full. More importantly, I want to commend Aleks and Elio for their tireless effort and good cheer. They were central to our experience and I only hope we will remain in touch. We have already recommended TopSpotLife to others and would be happy to serve as a reference. Thank you again for dealing with all of us and enabling this memorable trip.

- Tiffany

I just returned from a trip to Central America arranged by TopSpotLife and I was very impressed with the overall service and organization. The trip was perfectly organized by Aleks who made sure that we had everything we needed. Pilar, who took me on art tours and artists' studios, is one of the most knowledgeable people in the arts I ever met. She is very professional and at the same time warm and welcoming. It was a pleasure to spend time with her. I would definitively recommend TopSpotLife for anyone who wants to travel, learn and never ever forget it!

- Mario

The local people I met on a TopSpotLife visit to Cuba, almost without exception, were all about making the best of a poor situation in the country. I found their resourcefulness inspiring, but it was the attitude of dealing with shortages and lack of some things we’d call basic “necessities” that struck me most. It seemed to engender everyone with a collective spirit of connectedness and purpose, despite an underlying longing for a “better” life. I found a remarkable openness as well, a genuine desire to share whatever they had to offer, and a true sense that I was there as a person who was genuinely interested in the people of Cuba. I will never forget the great experience I had with all those marvelous people like TopSpotLife guide (Elio) - I refer to the many times we got to interact outside the choral world – were priceless.

- Nenad, Predrag and Maria

Cuba trip! This is the best thing that ever happened to us in our lives. The only regret we have is not having experienced this before when we were 16-17 years old. We were amazingly surprised at the quality of service and competence of the people leading this tour. You guys know so much about this place… you almost do miracles! If only all the people who are visiting Cuba would be aware of the quality of service you provide. Go TopSpotLife!

- Amanda

I have been to Central America twice with TopSpotLife, and I still feel like it is not the last time. My first trip in 2009, I had Aleks, and he was an incredible tour guide and left me wanting to see more of it. Therefore I came back again in 2011 to see also Cuba, and had Elio, a Cuban who was not only an extremely knowledgeable guide, but he became a great friend. My experiences have enabled me to see the whole region, interact with locals and get the REAL Cuban experience. Don't worry TopSpotLife, I will be back.